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Wednesday 14 May 2014

More book news - and another author interview

Today I have the honour to be the blog guest of the lovely Lorraine Mace.  

During the interview (which you can read here) I mention my second novel, Nice Girls Don't, which is due out on 15th July 2014.  Once again, those wonderful people at Crooked Cat Publishing have been brave enough to take me on!

Nice Girls Don't is perhaps best described as "romantic mystery."  It is set in 1982, and tells the story of Emily (a young library assistant) and Carl (who is trying to find the answer to a mystery about his late grandfather).  Their research follows a complicated paper trail which leads, eventually, to the battlefields of the Great War.  

But in the meantime, Emily begins to wonder about her own family history.  Why had her mother never spoken about her own father?  And why was she so opposed to Emily going out with boys?  

Meanwhile, if you haven't yet read The Ghostly Father, the e-book is still a princely 99p!  Go on, treat yourself.  You deserve it!

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