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Sunday 14 April 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day 14 - Tissington Trail

Yesterday's prompt was to go for a walk and incorporate our observations into a poem. This was the result of a bracing walk along a disused railway line.


The path climbs
at a gentle gradient
through the Derbyshire peaks. 
Where it passes along the high embankments,
the spring wind
blows away
but also
the spiders
who made them. 

In the cuttings,
shaded from the sunlight,
the remnants of last month’s snowdrifts
still stand,
up to two feet thick. 
Blue-tits and chaffinches
flutter in the scrubby trees,
whilst the spring lambs frolic
in the fields alongside. 

Half a century ago
this track was a busy railway line. 
Today its passengers
are walkers, cyclists and riders. 

Yet the ghosts of the old trains
have not left us. 

Beeching’s legacy
is still remembered.

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