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Thursday 1 June 2017



You thought you had lost it, but Ailsa Abraham's wonderful novel Shaman's Drum is back on the market for six months only. From today (1st June 2017) it will be available in Kindle form for only 99p or 99cents as a special re-introductory offer.  If you haven't already read it, you've missed a real treat - so grab it now.

WHAT? A mixed genre book which can be read as a stand-alone or as the sequel to Alchemy. It has variously been described as slightly futuristic magical realism, fantasy and romantic thriller.

WHEN? Set in our own word in just a few years' time after a world-changing scientific discovery frees mankind from dependence on fossil fuels.

WHY? The banning of public religious practices was thought to bring an end to terrorism and war but unexpected consequences turn the new ideal world into a nightmare. Pagans having been left out of the ban are the only groups left to combat the new threat and they are fighting between themselves.

WHERE? The Capital is never named so it could be in your country.

WHO? Iamo, a priest of the Goddess with an aristocratic background who has just been released from prison for breaking his vow of chastity. Riga, a female Black Shaman avenger who was the cause of Iamo's downfall, is rescued from her prison by her lover.

Between them they have to solve the mystery of who is allowing demons into the world of Men, and find a way to stop them. Who can they trust in the chaotic world of pagan clans?

The author, Ailsa Abraham, knows her subject well, having been a student of religions and a practising pagan most of her life. Friend of Druids, Hedge-witches and other assorted magic-users, she is the village shaman in her home.


There are 15 reviews on Amazon at the moment, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 
Comments include :
Just the right mix of danger, mystery, history, a possible future, and tastefully exciting romance. I want more of Iamo and Riga. I just want more! :-)
The sequel to Alchemy brings heroine and hero back together for another scrap amongst the netherworld.
Fairly ripped through this cracking read, which for me indicates a winning combination of pace with great writing.

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