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Wednesday 28 March 2018

SEEKING THE TRUTH - a guest post by Heidi Catherine

My blog guest today is my dear friend and fellow-author, the fabulous Heidi Catherine, whose latest book The Truthseeker was released last week.  The Truthseeker is the long-awaited sequel to Heidi's amazing debut novel The Soulweaver (about which more here).  

Welcome back, Heidi!  Please tell us more about The Truthseeker...

Do you believe in fortune tellers? Over the years I’ve seen many psychics and had numerous tarot card readings. I’ve even had my past lives read. And I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve had readings that have been completely off the mark and others that have been so spine-tingling accurate that they’ve left me stunned.

I’ve often wondered why I have such a fascination with wanting to know to unknowable. But at least I’m not alone. People have been trying to read fortunes since the beginning of time, in almost every culture. Gypsies have travelled the land with crystal balls, kings have consulted sorcerers, messages have been slipped into cookies, tealeaves have been carefully examined, stars have been gazed at and palms have been read. Humans have always been curious creatures and I’m guessing we always will be.

I had a lot of fun creating one particular character for my new book, The Truthseeker. In fact, I named the whole book after her! The Truthseeker isn’t your regular fortune teller though. She’s an old woman who lives on the bottom of the ocean. People visit her in the murky depths to ask her questions about their lives. She’s quite a frightening character and certainly not someone I’d be lining up to visit, no matter how accurate she is.

Here’s an excerpt where one of the main characters, Nax, accompanies his girlfriend, Maari, to the Truthseeker’s house. Maari has questions she desperately needs to ask, but Nax isn’t so sure that seeing the Truthseeker is the answer…

A bony hand grabbed him on the arm and he jumped, tightening his grip on Maari.
‘Do you seek the truth?’ croaked the voice of an old woman.
The room filled with soft light and the Truthseeker began to take shape. She was small, maybe only five feet in height. Her back was crooked and her grey hair was wild. She wore a black cloak that wrapped around her shoulders and fell to the floor.
‘No,’ he said, trying to pull away. He wanted to get as far away from here as possible. But the Truthseeker’s grip was firm.
‘I seek the truth,’ said Maari, fire burning in her eyes.The Truthseeker let go of Nax’s arm and turned away, sliding herself through the interior door.
‘Are you sure?’ Nax whispered. Maybe the others who’d come before them were right. Sometimes the truth is better left undisturbed. ‘Let’s get out of here.’
Maari looked at him, her eyes filled with tears. She turned and slid through the door behind the Truthseeker.He went to follow her, but the door was sealed. He pulled at the rubber flaps, but they were sealed tight. He couldn’t get through.
‘Maari,’ he cried.
What was going on in there?The room plunged into darkness and he sank to the floor, shaking with rage, fear and cold.He hugged his knees to his chest and waited. He wouldn’t leave without her. He’d die here if he had to. Was this why the woman in his dreams had warned him to stay away from her? Had she known Maari would lead him into danger? Still, he didn’t care. He couldn’t leave her. His spirit was bound to hers.
The seconds ticked by as minutes. The minutes passed as hours. He waited. Would he ever see Maari again?
He kept his eyes focused in the direction of the door, waiting for her to emerge. It didn’t matter. His eyes may as well have been closed for all they could see.
A noise startled him and he stood, feeling the seal of the door with his fingertips. The cold rubber became soft skin. It was Maari.
‘Are you okay?’ he said, pulling her into his arms.She didn’t wrap herself into his embrace as he expected. She felt stiff. Uncomfortable.
‘What happened?’ he asked, wishing for a sliver of light so he could see her face.

Have you ever visited a psychic? Why do you think we’re so fascinated with finding out our future before it has a chance to unfold?

Heidi Catherine can be found on Facebook, Twitter Instagram or on her website.

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