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Sunday 22 March 2015

Hail Captain Morrigan, Countess of Berwick - a guest post featuring Ailsa Abraham

My guest this morning is the wonderful Captain Morrigan (better known as Riga), Black Shaman extraordinaire, the heroine of Alchemy and its sequel Shaman’s Drum.  

Good morning, Your Ladyship.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a Countess as a guest!

Greetings, Sue Scribe! I bring you an offering of Limoncello as you enjoyed it when you did us the honour of visiting at our Scribe's house. None of this “Your Ladyship” nonsense, though.  My name is Riga, and that’s how it will stay.

As you wish, Your – er, Riga.  And thank you for the Limoncello.  Please, sit down.  Can I get you something to drink?  How are you?

I know you will never have expected to hear this but I'm glad of a bit of peace and quiet. Yes, we Black Shamans get a bad rap, but after all the drama around us recently, both in our own adventures and at home with Scribe, I'm pleased to take the weight off. Drink? Love some tea, please, ladies in my condition etc!

Drama?  Please, tell me more.

You may remember that we finished Shaman's Drum with things apparently sorted out, happy endings, ring the bells... But no. There is a little bit of history hanging over our heads and I am desperate for Scribe to write it, as are our fans out there. Iamo, my husband (will never get used to saying that!) tells me I need to learn patience. You can imagine what I say to that!

Then Scribe got herself nearly dead in a motorbike accident. 

What??? Was anyone else hurt?

No, only her, fortunately. As her characters we're her children so we all materialised at the hospital to stop her going over. She was in that horrible near-death sleep. I sat by her bedside and held her hand which was tied to the metal. It was unpleasant.

Geez, sounds grim.  How is she now?

She is on the mend but the house is pandemonium. You know that as a shaman she has all kinds of spirits living there? That's one of the reasons I'm so glad to take a break and come to visit you, Scribe Sue. There's the two soldier investigators from her other writing. You'd think with me being a Captain in the Black Shaman's Guild we'd get on. But noooooooooooooo. Then there is the house djinn, Ali – he's all right but a bit of a naughty child.  Mainly I just want her to be better to write but her head is all over the shop.

May I take some of that meat? Scribe is a veggie, like Iamo, so I am missing bacon sandwiches like crazy.

Please, help yourself!  In fact, I’ll make you a bacon sandwich whilst you tell me what’s on the horizon.  I’ve heard rumours that there might be another book in the offing.  Is this true?

Thank you for asking, Scribe Sue. I am whispering in our Scribe's ear about the next adventures which will start where Shaman's Drum left off. My Blood-Father, Dagda who is Native American, is also lining up for a book of his own. That would be number four in the series, so we might leave it there. Readers have been so kind asking for more news of us. As Arnie says in Terminator “I'll be back!” - I LOVE those films, don't you? Oh!  In the next book, Iamo and I will lose most of our magic ability and become once-borns so that will have its ups and downs.

Wow.  I’m intrigued to see how that works out.  And I found Dagda to be a fascinating character, so I’d love to know more about him.  Here’s hoping that your Scribe is soon sufficiently recovered to take up her quill again, and that the house-spirits leave her in peace for long enough to get the words down! 

You’re leaving already?  How will you get back?  I’m afraid I don’t have the car today, otherwise I’d drive you the station or the airport.

Thank you so much for your hospitality, Scribe Sue. Iamo sends great respect and a kiss on both cheeks. Get back? My power animal will help me. Blessings on this house now and always. Bye! Thanks for the bacon sarnie!

You’re most welcome, Riga.  Please return my greetings to Iamo and your Scribe.  Safe journey home.  Until next time…

Bio and links for Alchemy & Shaman's Drum
Ailsa Abraham writes under two names and is the author of six novels. Alchemy is the prequel to Shaman's Drum, published by Crooked Cat in January 2014. Both are best-sellers in their genres on Amazon. She also writes gay male romance under her brother's name, Cameron Lawton.
She has lived in France for over twenty years and enjoys knitting and crochet and until recently was the oldest Hell's Angel in town . Her interests include campaigning for animal rights, experimenting with different genres of writing and trips back to the UK to visit friends and family. She runs an orphanage for homeless teddy bears and contributes a lot of work to Knit for Africa. She is also addicted to dressing up, saying that she is old enough to know better but too wise to care.

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  1. Lol! Fabulous post from two very talented ladies - love your new handle, Scribe Sue!

  2. Intriging as aways, Ailsa. You have such a delightful way of communicating and I am so glad sequels may be coming. Please heal fast!

  3. what fun post! I enjoyed this!!! xxx Fab

  4. Great post and fun. I hope The Scribe is soon healed and well and writing again. ;-) But give it time.