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Sunday 7 October 2018


As some of you may know, this blog originally started out as a poetry blog for National Poetry Writing Month.  But in the five or so years that it’s been in existence, although quite a few of my poems have appeared in anthologies and on websites, I’ve never actually released a poetry anthology of my own.

Thanks to my dear friend Karen Little (a highly talented artist, author, poet, and all-round lovely person), that has now changed.

Karen is producing a series of nine poetry pamphlets, for which she has drawn some incredible cover artwork.  Each pamphlet is lovingly produced by hand and printed on high-quality cartridge paper, and all proceeds are donated to an animal shelter which Karen supports. 

My own pamphlet is called VARIATIONS ON AN APOLOGY.  Here is a brief teaser of what you can find inside it:


Inspiration fail.
Today is not going well.
I can’t think of a

Five of these beautiful pamphlets (including mine) are available now, with the rest to follow soon.  

They cost £7 each, including postage within the UK.  Prices to other countries are available on request.  To order, or for more details, please contact Karen directly on kazvina AT yahoo DOT es (remove the spaces, and replace the shouty bits with appropriate punctuation).

Go on – what are you waiting for?

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