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Tuesday 28 May 2019


It was with great sadness that I learned, a few days ago, of the death of a wonderful writer and a much-loved friend.  Susan Roebuck died on May 5th, but today would have been her birthday.

Although Sue and I never met in real life, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with her as editor of two of her Portugal series novels: Forest Dancer (set in the countryside around Lisbon) and Joseph Barnaby (set on the island of Madeira).  The books are beautifully written, with well-drawn and rounded characters and a real sense of place.  I really felt as though I was back in Portugal, and I feel very sad to think there will be no more from the same pen.

As we worked together we became very close friends, and she was wonderfully supportive of my own writing.  Rest in peace, dear Sue.  The world is a poorer place without you.


  1. A beautiful tribute. Sue was always very kind and supportive. She'll be greatly missed.

  2. A lovely tribute to a lovely lady whose work will live on.