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Friday 26 April 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day 26 - The Balladeuse's Lament

This one, I hope, is self-explanatory.


There once was a wannabe poet
whose verses were dire, sad to say.
Then one April, she found NaPoWriMo:
thirty days of a poem a day.

‘Twas the twenty-fifth day of the challenge:
“Write a ballad” the task on the site,
but by bedtime she’d still written nothing
and her muse had shut down for the night.

Then she woke up at three in the morning,
but, alas, had no pen by her bed,
so in place of her great inspiration
she scribbled this drivel instead.

And if this sad tale has a moral,
it is this: always be on your guard,
for if you let go of the moment
you’ll never succeed as a bard.