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Sunday 28 April 2013

NaPoWriMo - Day 28 - Star Attraction

Yesterday's prompt was to take a proverb, enter the first three words into Google, see what results came up, then go from there.  I chose a proverb which I remember from my childhood: If each before his own door swept, the village would be clean.  Perhaps not so well-known as some other proverbs, but still valid on any number of levels. 

One intriguing suggestion (which didn't even get as far as the third word!) was “If each zodiac sign was a drug...” 

Which led, eventually, to this.  I took the liberty of correcting the subjunctive.  (Yes, that's how sad I am.)


If each zodiac sign were a medicine:
Aries would stop you feeling sheepish,
Taurus would stop you talking bullshit,
Gemini would cure a split personality,
Cancer would stop you feeling crabby,
Leo would cure pride,
Virgo would purify,
Libra would restore your sense of balance,
Scorpio would cure stinginess,
Sagittarius would improve your aim,
Capricorn would improve your appetite,
Aquarius would cure fluid retention,
and Pisces would finish all your problems.
(This extra line is here because I didn’t want to write a thirteen-line poem.)


  1. Very nice! I'd not heard of the proverb, by the way. I like it.

  2. Well Done Sue! I've been popping in from time to time - what a great collection of poems.

    Rita x

    1. Thanks Rita! Glad to know I can do something right occasionally! xx

  3. I am so impressed that you have kept this up and maintained your momentum Sue! Seriously impressed! And look what you have - a wonderful collection of poetry! xxx

    1. Thanks Edith. It's been a struggle sometimes but it's been great fun. I've surprised myself too; last year I did this unofficially (without a blog) and managed about fifteen poems over the course of the month, so the fact that I've got this far is a big improvement on that. Only two more days to go!